About Blue Komune

Bringing all ocean stakeholders together

To accelerate sustainable ocean action.

The context

The ocean sustainability challenge

Due to the combined effects of climate change, marine biodiversity erosion, marine resource depletion and growing levels of pollution, ocean degradation keeps accelerating.

As the blue economy is set to grow at a faster pace, pressures on marine ecosystems will only intensify, calling for increased cooperation amongst all ocean stakeholders to better align blue growth needs with ocean conservation and sustainability goals.

The vision

No transition without cooperation

Ocean action today remains highly fragmented amongst actors, and across communities, sectors, industries, players, disciplines, and sustainability goals.

We leverage the power of decentralized, peer-to-peer, professional digital networks to facilitate better cooperation amongst all ocean stakeholders (the private sector, public agencies, the scientific community, and civil society) sharing a common ocean action agenda.

The mission

Closing the collaboration gaps for ocean action

Our mission is to accelerate ocean sustainability transformation through peer-to-peer collaboration.

We bring all ocean stakeholders onto a single network to break down ocean action silos and close the collaboration gaps amongst ocean peers across industries, sectors, organizational profiles, disciplines, scales, and geographies.

Our solution

A network fully dedicated to tackling ocean sustainability challenges

A digital platform open to all ocean professionals involved in marine-based and marine-related activities, organized in thematic ocean sustainability task forces.

Our governance and team

Blue Komune is structured around peer-to-peer networking within sustainable ocean action communities. Our governance is inclusive, participative, collaborative, and decentralized.


Co-founder, CEO

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Co-founder, COO

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Alexandre PHIEV


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Full stack lead

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